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Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll 2015

Pittsburgh takes its whiskey VERY seriously….

flag bw

After all, it’s the birthplace of American Whiskey as we know it….


And it turns out that whiskey and warm Pittsburgh weather are just made for each other…


So Wigle kicked off this season’s Barrelhouse opening with a good ol’ fashioned barrel roll

But not just any barrel roll. Oh No. That’s not how Wigle rolls….

Wigle commissioned several local organizations to construct one-of-a-kind transporters to get the whiskey barrels from the Distillery over to the Barrelhouse for the first party of the season!

toast 1

This was a tall order by any standards, but not for these epic pioneers in barrel transportation…

Hack Pittsburgh built a chugger quick enough to get the mini Delorean up to speed while still keeping the precious cargo safe and sound

car vroom

The Tech Shop built a gear-ific barrel transporter that had more than just our heads spinning…


Penn Brewery gathered its front line to keep this barrel roll in tip-top shape

penn 1

While gtech strategies rode off into the concrete jungle with their timeless rig

g tech

Now how can we ever forget New Hazlett Theater‘s stylish ride


With its revolutionary message for the people of Pittsburgh

haz 1

Each barrel traveled like modern day Pharisees, thanks to groups like PULSE Pittsburgh


And Green Gears with their ultra smooth ride


Assemble brought up the rear with their magical, trustee steed


We fueled up along the way with snacks from Bar Marco and brews from Pennsylavania Brewing Co.


Which kept up our spirits high as we rode off into the sunset…


We knew victory was close…

long walk

When we smelled the aromas of freshly roasted pig and barrel aged libations…


And that’s when things really picked up…VROOOM


Phew. We finally made it! And we were super thirsty. Thanks for the cocktail Adam!

wigle guy                     Photo Courtesy of The Food Tasters

Now, it’s officially party time!


The Barrelhouse is open! Go enjoy some drinks in the sun.

Cheers N’at- Devon and Tim

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Cake

When life gives you lemons……combine them with beer and bake into a cake that resembles a giant doughnut, or something like that. I can never keep those old-school sayings straight. But these bright pink Rogue bottles have been intriguing me for the last couple of months. They stick out like a sore thumb next to the endless array of brown bottles. My curiosity finally got the best of me; and there I was in line at the grocery store, buying a bright pink bomber bottle of beer. Well, I guess I’ve had stranger days…

A Taste of Tuscany at Sarafino’s Restaurant

When it comes to Italians, food is love. Perfect, delicious, palatable love. And it’s the kind of love that usually comes in the form of hearty, multi-course meals spanning over several hours. With plenty of wine to go around, of course. Dining is at the heart of Italian culture. They take their time to eat; enjoying their company and fostering the endless conversations that pop up along the way. These Scotch-Irishers right here had the amazing opportunity to savor this old-world dining style last week at Sarafino’s Restaurant.

Brew-tiful Cheesecake

During the dizzying weeks of March Madness, For The Win attempted to determine which of the over 4,500 craft breweries in America is the greatest. So they put together a craft brewery bracket and left the victor’s fate up to ‘Merica’s craft beer super fans. They started with 32 breweries, based on popularity, expert ratings, and personal experience. After 5 grueling matches against hefty opponents such as The Alchemist, Dogfish Head, Victory, Terrapin, and Founders; Southern Tier Brewing Co. reined supreme and claimed the number one spot in the 2015 Ultimate Craft Beer Bracket Championship.

The Finest of Dining at Nemacolin

2015 has been a year of many firsts, including our first Pittsburgh Blog Swap. And we are the lucky bloggers to guest write for the awesome blog Beezus KiddoAs I was perusing the site, I noticed that one of her 40 before 40 bucket list activities included a weekend stay at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Well, it just so happens that my husband and I loooove Nemacolin, and we’ll take any excuse to get back there.

Beer Peeps

It’s Easter, for Peeps® sake! A very Hoppy Easter to you and your family! This year, we remixed an Easter staple to include our favorite drink: BEER! These boozed up homemade marshmallow treats are made with Penn Brewery’s Ginger Beer. The ginger beer was our obvious go-to because we love the flavor profile of ginger, especially when it’s in candied form. So make these for some-bunny verrry special. Or keep them for yourself when you’re having a bad hare day… We hope you enjoy this peeps offering…Okay, I’ll stop it.

Creamy Curried Carrot Soup

One fateful night, while Tim and I sipped on some seriously delicious Girl Scouts themed cocktails from Wigle Whiskey, an intriguing challenge was presented to us. Jen Mrzlack, our awesome friend and cofounder of Naturi Organic Greek Yogurt Company, asked us to team up with Naturi and the Sewickley Confectionary and be the cooks for a fierce soup competition. The competition was Explore Sewickley’s Annual Soup Crawl, where 500 hungry soup crawlers trek around town to visit several local businesses and sample the restaurants’ best soup offerings. The crawlers are provided a score sheet, which prompts them to rank the tastiest soup, most unique soup, and “best hosts” of the soup crawl.

Irish Cream Gone Wigle

The strip district is one of my favorite spots in Pittsburgh. You can find exotic spices, a whiskey distillery, the freshest seafood, and most ridiculous t-shirts nestled between a handful of lively blocks. The other week, our friends and we hit up some of our favorite watering holes in the Strip. While walking from one awesome place to the next, this t-shirt stopped me in my tracks…

Branding Pennies Pints Pittsburgh w/ Commonwealth Press

A little over a year ago, Tim and I decided to enter the world of blogging. We had absolutely no formal training in any aspects of blogging, but what we did have was an insatiable lust for good beer, good food, and good ol’ Pittsburgh. Our first task at hand was coming up with a blog name. The words Pints and Pittsburgh came to mind easily. But the word Pennies reflected our new status of dining in. Our days of dining out were put on hold until our little ones could sit down for more than five seconds at a time. Inevitably, we ended up saving a ton of Pennies by cooking some tasty meals at home. So Pennies Pints Pittsburgh it was! Our next challenge was creating a killer logo. But we left that one for the best in the business, Commonwealth Press.