Beaver Brewing Company

Beaver Brewing Company


The Beaver Brewing Company is truly a diamond in the rough. It is located about 30 miles outside of the city in the heart of Beaver Falls. Just jump on the boulevard and you will be there in no time. The Beaver Brewing Company is a small artisanal nano-brewery nestled inside of shot and beer type of town. You can see why this has piqued our interest.


As we walked through the door, we did not know what to expect. The bar decor was minimal; almost barebones, but ironically was incredibly warm and inviting. Sometimes it’s refreshing to leave all of the bells and whistles behind for a more honest and unprocessed setting. Dan the brewer, greeted us from behind the bar. He listened to our beer preferences and quickly assembled a tasting rack of his personally handcrafted brews.


We tasted the Nelson, German Pale Ale (GPA), Basil, I. Porter A., and Summit. Honestly, we loved all of them. However, if we had to pick our favorite, it would be the Summit. The beers we tried were so well-balanced; each with its own unique kiss of flavors. As a self-proclaimed hophead, I love strong, assertive beer. But this brewery reminded me how to appreciate the more subtle notes one can find in a well-crafted brew.


On special, they had a sweet and spicy apple salsa. I give Dan the Brewer a lot of credit; this recipe had one of the most bizarre combinations of ingredients I have ever seen, but it worked! The flavors melded together perfectly. Plus, it was a great complement to our tasting rack. We left with growlers in tow of their basil beer and their camomile wheat beer. We will be using these beers to create some mighty fine recipes for yinz guys soon. This nano-brewery truly is surprising and refreshing. Come check it aht! We are so glad we did.

The Beaver Brewing Company is located at 1820 7th Ave, Beaver Falls PA 15010

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