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Full Pint Brewing Co. is an extraordinary Micro Brewery located in North Versailles, about 12 miles outside the city. It opened its doors in 2009, and never looked back. As you pull in for the first time, you may not recognize it right away (or completely miss it). But when you do find it, it’s worth all the confusion. The brewery is housed in what looks like a former car repair garage. There’s a certain charm to the brewery, something that’s hard to put into words. But the first words that come to mind are- welcoming, authentic, and honest. It’s a place where really innovative and tasty beers are created. It’s a gathering place to drink those really great beers. Nothing more, nothing less.

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When you walk in, you enter their large pub area. The walls and floor are painted this crazy bright green color, which really warms up the industrial space. There are several long, wooden tables and benches that accommodates all those awesome Pittsburgh craft beer drinkers.  The bar backing has about a gazillion stickers on it. I must say, it was rather amusing to scan through them all. You can grab a seat at the bar and have a brew (that will run you a meager 4-5 bucks) or fill up your growler to take back home with you. We recommend both, a little something for now and later. Plus, you can grab a tasty bite to eat during regular pub hours.

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Moving right along, there is a door to the left of the pub that will lead you to where all the magic happens-the brewery. Sean Hallisey (Cofounder and Brewer) gave us a proper tour of his place. Pretty impressive machinery, if you ask me. And all the kegs- my goodness! It’s like we died and went to heaven. For those of you who also enjoy seeing where great beer is born, you’re in luck. Full Pint offers brewery tours, so go online and book one for you and your friends. You will be like so kewl n’at.

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Currently, Full Pint has seven Year Round Brews:

  • All In Amber
  • TRI PA
  • Chinookie
  • Hobnobber
  • Gus
  • White Lightning
  • Little Brown Ale

They also have seven Seasonal Brews:

  • Rye Rebellion
  • Spruce
  • Night of the Living Stout
  • Festivus
  • Perc E Bust
  • 3-2-1 Win
  • King Kolsch

full pint spruce

Plus, they have a Nerd’s Reserve brew series. Current offering: Paw Paw Belinner Weisse. Past offerings: Magnum Red IPA, Weizen Bock Toberfest, and Yeast Common Denominator. Brewers Sean, Jake, and Barrett take turns on developing, brewing, and naming the beer. It is their own personal project and is only released when there is a little bit of flexibility in the brewing schedule. It’s a great way for the brewers to expand the brewery’s repertoire with a different style of beer. Plus, it gets all those creative juices goin’. Artists will always need their release….And they are true artists over there.

Speaking of brewers, let’s talk a little about them, shall we? First off, we have Sean Hallisey. He was our go-to guy because my mum knows his mum and she was the one who turned us onto Full Pint in the first place. Anyways, Sean started his passion for brewing in college. He explained to us that the beer available lacked flavor and ingenuity. Plus, he liked it “better than soda” so off he went brewing “in the closet” (literally). Then, Sean continued as an assistant brewer at John Harvard’s Brew House in good ol’ Monroeville. A few years down the road and a few titles later, he worked at Rivertowne Brewing Co. until Full Pint was ready to roll. Make sure you check out his glamour shot on the Full Pint website.

Next key player, Barrett Goddard. He went to college to become a chemical engineer but the drawl to become a professional brewer overcame him. In 2001, he started brewing professionally for John Harvard’s Brew House. Then, he moved down to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia Brewing Co. After a few years stint, he came back to the ‘burgh to become the head brewer for Rivertowne Brewing until Full Pint was rip roarin’ and ready to go. His chemical engineer background has dubbed him the “science guy” for the brewery. Good thing because there is a lot more science going on in the brewing process than meets the eye..

Last, but certainly not least, Jake Kristophel. This lad began his brewing career in 2006 at the infamous North Country Brewing Co. in Slippery Rock. He left there in 2009 to become founding partner and lead head brewer for Full Pint Brewing. Apparently, he likes tank tops, beekeeping, and following OSHA regs. You do you Jake!

If you like beer and Pittsburgh, make sure you check out Full Pint Brewery in North Versailles. They are skilled at their craft and are not shy about creating delicious, full-flavored beers. Cheers to great Pittsburgh beers!

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