Commonwealth Press and Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week seem to go together like Pittsburgh and Pierogies. Ironically enough, Commonwealth Press consistently throws some of the most enjoyable and sought after events during this weeklong local beer festival. Kicker is- they aren’t even a brewery! Commonwealth Press is a custom screen printing business, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s South Side. Notice the ingenious Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW) logo? That’s all Commonwealth Press doings.


Also, they are the ones responsible for hosting the PCBW premier kick-off event, Beer Barge. Rumor has it, the whole boat was rocking to-and-fro because Pittsburghers were having so much fun pop-lock-and-droppin-it to their favorite jams (the free-flowing beer had nothing to do with this, I’m sure). To close out this brew-tastic week, Commonwealth Press threw another incredible event: the PGHtee.


The PGHtee is a free tee-shirt art show housed in Commonwealth Press’s warehouse. If you are into graphic tees (come on, who isn’t) then this is your event. Over 20 local artists showcased their best printed tee’s for our viewing pleasure. The tee’s were displayed on clotheslines and tables throughout the warehouse. Best part- you’re able to buy these works of art for a few bucks. Waaay cheaper than buying art from those other, stuffier art shows…Plus, they make great gifts!


It gets even better- free beer. Yes free beer. Not the tasteless, big brand kind- actual craft beer made by local brewers. Local homebrewer’s associations like T.R.A.S.H and T.R.U.B provided the flavorful brews for the night. We sampled just about all they had to offer, and we were completely impressed. Homebrewer turned professional brewer Andy Kwiatkowski  for Hitchhiker’s Pub let us sample his offerings: Pittsburgh Lager, Berlinner Weisse, Robust Porter, and Kolsch. Delicious, delightful, down-right good. Hitchhiker’s opening in May cannot happen soon enough.


Speaking of beer, did you know that Commonwealth Press made a cold one with Penn Brewery ?! It’s called the Commonwealth Press Ale. It’s a refreshing “lawnmower” beer, a perfect pairing for all those long summer days you’ll be spending ahtside. Check out this awesome documentary they made about the creation of Commonwealth Press Ale here.


Who came up with this brilliant idea for a Tee-Shirt Art Show? Here’s a hint: he is extremely agile, handsome, has incredible dance moves, and poorly plays the banjo. You totally guessed it, Dan! He’s the founder and leader of Commonwealth Press. He was rocking his daughter’s awesome tee-shirt design tonight. 


Thank you Dan and the Commonwealth Press team for an amazing night! Supporting talented, local artists is way beyond cool in our book. You guys are such a talented group of designers- Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week would not be nearly as awesome without you. Cheers to you and to many more years of inspired Pittsburgh printing.

Cheers N’at


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