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10 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Beer Lovers Should Go to Wet Hoptober

1. The hops were grown on a vacant lot in Garfield that GTECH turned into a hop oasis…

sound of music final

Photo Credit’s- http://drafthouse.com/movies/the_sound_of_music_mothers_day_brunch_feast/austin

2. The wet hops were lovingly picked by real Pittsburghers’ hands…

Hop Hands final

Photo Credits- www.eastendbrewing.com

3. East End Brewing Co. is supplying the beer…enough said there


Photo Credits- http://frabz.com/2psi

4. Scott Smith and his fellow brewers stayed up waaaaay past their bed times to brew up batches of wet hopped beer


Photo Credits http://www.ghettoredhot.com/you-mad/


ermagerd final

Photo Credits-http://lolfunnymeme.com/ermahgerd/

6.  You can be a SCIENTIST and taste for yourself how the wet hops flavor changes the taste of your favorite EEBC brews- Pedal Pale Ale, Big Hop, and Big Hop Harvest Ale. For the name of science!!!


Photo Credits- http://screen.genius.com/Robot-chicken-jumping-gigawatts-annotated#note-570806

7. The Wet Hopped beers are only available for this event so if you snooze you lose…

Edited Soup Nazi

Photo Credit- http://www.themost10.com/10-most-hilarious-seinfeld-episodes/

8. Proceeds benefit a super awesome Pittsburgh Nonprofit Company- GTECH Strategies who is doing amazing things like turning unused land into vibrant hop fields…


 Photo Credit- http://memecreator.eu/meme/zpio2z

9. Brewing with wet hops can happen only once year so…Let’s enjoy it while we can!

the tank final

Photo Credit- http://www.ilovegoodbeer.com/sites/default/files/the%20tank.jpg

10. You can’t go wrong when these guys are throwing the party!

end end logoGTECHwigle name martys-logo

Here’s a short synopsis of all the awesomeness you will experience at Wet Hoptober 2014. East End Brewing is supplying 3 brews- their Pedal Pale Ale, Big Hop, and Big Hop Harvest brewed with local hops from Garfield. A highly reliable source said the brews this year are “unique, exclusive, rare, priceless, and unicorn-like”. As if things couldn’t get any better… Wigle Whiskey hopped their wheat whiskey with local hops from Soergels Orchards that they will be serving up as well. Marty’s Market is driving it home with the local theme by serving up some mighty tasty, fresh, and of course local foods.

Proceeds benefit GTECH Strategies– a nonprofit company who is committed to cultivating the unrealized potential of people and places to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of Pittsburgh. One of their incredible initiatives was the “Hop Project”, which turned vacant land in Garfield into a hop field. Can’t get much cooler than that. So grab some tickets here!

Wet Hoptober event will be held at Wigle’s Barrelhouse on the Northside this Friday, October 3rd from 6 pm to 9 pm. Designated driver tickets are offered at a reduced rate. Hope to see yinz there!

Cheers N’at– Devo and Tim


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