Beer Advent Calendar Tutorial

Advent calendars are great for counting down the days until Christmas. Growing up, we had little chocolates to open each day. As adults, we wanted to recreate that same daily excitement-but those chocolates do not tickle our tinsel as much as they used to.  Therefore, we decided to count down the days with one of the most exciting things in the world- Beer! We created a  Holiday Beer Advent calendar using Christmas beers.  Let’s Eat, Drink, and be Merry People! Here’s what you’ll need to make this beautiful Beer Advent Calendar that you can use for years to come.

Beer Advent Calendar


  • 3 PVC pipes (3 inches diameter) or 250 inches worth of pipe
  • Primer paint for PVC pipes
  • Finish Spray paint for PVC pipes
  • PVC pipe glue
  • 8′ x 12″ x 3/4″ clear pine
  • 1 1/2 inch screws for pine wooden box
  • backing board
  • 1 piece of trim
  • 9 screws for trim
  • stain for wood




1. Cut PVC pipes into 25 (10 inch tubes)

pvc pipe cutting 1000

2. Glue pipes into strips of 5 tubes (in well ventilated area)

3. Glue the 5 strips of tubes into a cube

pvc pipe cube 1000

4. Apply primer and spray paint to cube, set aside to dry

pvc pipe spray paint 1000

Wooden Box

5. Cut wood-2 pieces 19 inches……..2 pieces 18 inches

cutting board for box 1000

6. Build a wooden frame by nailing together pieces of wood (19 inches for sides) and (18 inches for base and top)

7. Measure and cut backing board to fit on the back of wooden frame. Nail in the backing board (gives the frame stability)

backerboard 1000

8. Cut and apply decorative wooden trim to front face of box (used to hold wrapping paper in place using screws. Unscrew trim every year to put a fresh piece of paper in)

trim 1000

9. Stain and seal. Set aside and let dry

trim stain 1000

Wrapping Paper Cover

10. Take trim off. Set aside

11. Measure enough wrapping paper to cover front face of box

12. Place paper on floor upside down, put tube cube on top of paper to trace inside of each tube

tracing circles

13. Place a dot in the middle of each circle

14. Place wrapping paper on top of a large piece of cardboard. Using an exacto knife, carve out an X over each dot (helps avoid ripping entire piece of paper when pulling each individual beer out). Set aside.

x's into circles

15. Place tube cube into box

16. Place beers into tubes (have someone else do it so it will be a surprise)

bottles into box USE

17. Put wrapping paper on front face of box with tape

18. Screw in the trim

screw in trim

19. Apply little bows over each X.

apply bows

20. Take out a beer each night and enjoy counting down the days until Christmas

Note. We did 25 days because (for us) it felt right to have the last beer on Christmas day. Also, this piece is heavy. Handle with care. Also, this is not a cheap project- materials ran about 90 dollars (we didn’t have most of the materials already) plus you need to factor in the cost of each beer. However- this is a beautiful piece and a fun tradition that the adults can enjoy.We used these materials because we want to pass this down to our kids when they are of age. But if you want a more temporary version- replace pvc pipes with poster shipping tubes and the wood with a cardboard box. If you want to display this piece of art upstairs, take out the daily beer, throw it in the fridge for an hour or two before you drink it. Want to use a beer that doesn’t come in bottles? Take an empty beer and label it with the name of that beer. Once you pull that beer- you can pour yourself a glass of that beer from the growler you keep in the fridge. Oh, and want to be extra festive? Keep those bottle caps to make a beer cap garland. Merry Christmas yinz guys!

Cheers N’at


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