Branding Pennies Pints Pittsburgh w/ Commonwealth Press

A little over a year ago, Tim and I decided to enter the world of blogging. We had absolutely no formal training in any aspects of blogging, but what we did have was an insatiable lust for good beer, good food, and good ol’ Pittsburgh. Our first task at hand was coming up with a blog name. The words Pints and Pittsburgh came to mind easily. But the word Pennies reflected our new status of dining in. Our days of dining out were put on hold until our little ones could sit down for more than five seconds at a time. Inevitably, we ended up saving a ton of Pennies by cooking some tasty meals at home. So Pennies Pints Pittsburgh it was! Our next challenge was creating a killer logo. But we left that one for the best in the business, Commonwealth Press.

Here’s our branding story with Commonwealth Press…

commpress pic monk

We’ve known about Commonwealth Press for years. It’s a custom screen printing business located in the South Side. They sell their own line of t-shirts and merchandise but also feature a wide variety of items from local artists, breweries, and clothing lines. Basically, they are kind of a big deal here in Pittsburgh.

They’ve developed logos for…

  • East End Brewing Co.
  • Maggie’s Farm Rum
  • Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week
  • Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance
  • T.R.A.S.H
  • T.R.U.B
  • Craft Beer Academy

And did design/printing work with…

  • Penn Brewery
  • Wigle Whiskey
  • Hitchhiker Brewing Co.
  • Fat Heads
  • Apis Mead
  • 11th Hour Brewing
  • Aurochs Brewing Co.
  • Milkman Brewing Co.
  • Roundabout Brewery
  • Hop Farm Brewing Co.
  • Rivertowne Brewing Co.
  • Full Pint Brewing Co.
  • The Brew Gentlemen
  • ShuBrew

And honestly there’s so many more. But that’s the list I got down before my hand cramped up from trying to keep up.


So here’s Dan Rugh, founder/owner/jack of all trades at Commonwealth Press. He’s this magical/mythical character who’s easy to talk to, engaging, wildly witty, and @#$%ing talented. Rare to find all of those qualities in one human, but we did! And he’s here in the ‘burgh for our printing pleasure.

So we contacted him about creating a logo for our blog. Luckily, he accepted the challenge. Next, we worked out a price (which was extremely reasonable, I must note). Soon after, we met for pizza and beers at Caliente Draft House in Bloomfield to start the creative process. We were so unbelievably torn about how the logo should look. I was hell-bent on having the skyline as the focal feature, but Tim was itching for a pint glass. So we dumped all of our hopes and dreams on Dan to sift through and compile to create one very epic masterpiece.

mock up pic monkey

Picture Source: Cwpress Instagram Page

Dan ran with our vision and came back with something far better than we could’ve ever imagined. We’ve got a pint glass (beer reference), Beer head (foam) in the shape of the city skyline (Pittsburgh reference), Our name written in the shape of a Keystone (Pennsylvania reference) in a font similar to Heinz’s Ketchup (food reference). GENIUS. Pure genius. Dan basically dropped the mic and BOOM…

walked away.

We were so smitten with our new logo that we wanted to wear it on our bodies. Dan’s an artist, so he can do tattoos right? Totally kidding, but we did ask Dan to make us some shirts.

He and his team screen printed 24 of these super comfy T-shirts by hand.

dan print shirt final

And then they went through the dryer to set the ink

shirt drying pic monkey final

And now we have some extras to share with all of you. I’m actually hoping we sell out of these quickly because we’d love to bug Dan again and give some business to an awesome local shop.

Here’s what the front looks like… (V Neck)

PPP Shirt front no face2

And the back….

PPP shirt back

The back is the best part. It never fails, every time we wear these out several conversations are sparked by the Cheers N’at. Pittsburghers are everywhere and you’ll see it for yourself once you wear this outside the 412.

So click here if you want an exclusive Pittsburgh t-shirt, lovingly made by some really talented local artists. And for those of you who buy one, send us a pic! We will put it up on the site. We are hoping to get these shirts all over the place. We’ve already got some pics pending in Boston and Chicago. Here’s our favorite Pittsburgh Instagrammer CaulinGrant showing us some love… (Crew Neck)


So if you’re a blogger or business looking for some seriously creative people to help with branding, look no further than Commonwealth Press. I cannot stress how talented, imaginative, and epic they are over there. We’ve had such a positive experience working with them, I honestly wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. I mean come on, just look at some of their works… Photo Credit Commonwealth Press 

slippy           paking chair shirt           zoltan

A big thank you to Dan, Shannon, Rachel, and every else at Commonwealth Press who made this such a fun and seamless process. We’ve learned so much along the way, it was such a pleasure working with yinz. So go buy a shirt, it was definitely made with some Pittsburgh love!

Cheers N’at– Devon and Tim


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