Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll 2015

Pittsburgh takes its whiskey VERY seriously….

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After all, it’s the birthplace of American Whiskey as we know it….


And it turns out that whiskey and warm Pittsburgh weather are just made for each other…


So Wigle kicked off this season’s Barrelhouse opening with a good ol’ fashioned barrel roll

But not just any barrel roll. Oh No. That’s not how Wigle rolls….

Wigle commissioned several local organizations to construct one-of-a-kind transporters to get the whiskey barrels from the Distillery over to the Barrelhouse for the first party of the season!

toast 1

This was a tall order by any standards, but not for these epic pioneers in barrel transportation…

Hack Pittsburgh built a chugger quick enough to get the mini Delorean up to speed while still keeping the precious cargo safe and sound

car vroom

The Tech Shop built a gear-ific barrel transporter that had more than just our heads spinning…


Penn Brewery gathered its front line to keep this barrel roll in tip-top shape

penn 1

While gtech strategies rode off into the concrete jungle with their timeless rig

g tech

Now how can we ever forget New Hazlett Theater‘s stylish ride


With its revolutionary message for the people of Pittsburgh

haz 1

Each barrel traveled like modern day Pharisees, thanks to groups like PULSE Pittsburgh


And Green Gears with their ultra smooth ride


Assemble brought up the rear with their magical, trustee steed


We fueled up along the way with snacks from Bar Marco and brews from Pennsylavania Brewing Co.


Which kept up our spirits high as we rode off into the sunset…


We knew victory was close…

long walk

When we smelled the aromas of freshly roasted pig and barrel aged libations…


And that’s when things really picked up…VROOOM


Phew. We finally made it! And we were super thirsty. Thanks for the cocktail Adam!

wigle guy                     Photo Courtesy of The Food Tasters

Now, it’s officially party time!


The Barrelhouse is open! Go enjoy some drinks in the sun.

Cheers N’at– Devon and Tim


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