We are a husband & wife team who loves beer, food, and Pittsburgh. We were both born and raised in a small town right outside the city of Pittsburgh. We have two awesome young boys who keep us busy and very happy.


D. My love for craft beers started at a young age. I would like to believe I inherited a gene that made me enthusiastic about all things beer from my maternal grandfather who worked in a brewery back in his heyday. He claimed that the head on the beer they brewed was so thick and creamy that he could write his initials in it and it would stay until the beer was finished. Pretty wild, right? Anyhow, my beer interest sparked when I was working at a small Jewish deli in a posh Pittsburgh neighborhood. The deli was known for its pickle barrel, cleverly named sandwiches, and vast selection of craft beers. When most kids my age were getting their first sips of beer from Miller, or good ol’ Natty Light, I got to sip on delectable beers like Delirium and Chimay. From then on, I was hooked on flavorful, potent, and downright tasty beers. I started off slowly by savoring the lighter beers like pilsners, and lagers and as my taste developed, I acquired the unquenchable thirst for hoppy beers. The “bitter the better” quickly became my personal motto.

Fast-forward a couple of years:  wedding, master’s degree from Pitt (Hail to Pitt!), and two kids- we decided to open a new chapter in life and dive into the world of blogging. We had absolutely no formal training in any aspects of blogging, but what we did have was an insatiable lust for good beer, good food, and good ol’ Pittsburgh. Our first task at hand was coming up with a blog name. The words Pints and Pittsburgh came to mind easily. But the word Pennies reflected our new status of dining in. Inevitably, we ended up saving a ton of Pennies by cooking some tasty meals at home. So Pennies Pints Pittsburgh it was!

Follow our journey as we explore the fusion of yummy food, brews, and Pittsburgh culture.


D- Is a wife, mother, daughter, and a sister. She attended Westminster College for her undergraduate work and earned a MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. Her favorite brews include all beers brewed in Pittsburgh (there’s just something in the water) but she’s absolutely crazy for those DIPAS. She likes her coffee strong and her beer interesting.

T- Never met a beer he didn’t like. He attended Ohio University with a focus of business and sports marketing. He is an avid sports fan and feels lucky to live in a city of champions. He will eat just about anything, but prefers foods and brews that remind him of sunny days at the beach.

Pennies Pints Pittsburgh in the Media

-Big Thank You to B.B and Mom for editing all of our posts. If it weren’t for you both, there would be a whole lot of spelling errors and questionable sentences. Thank you.

*Another Big thanks to Caulin for the awesome pics! Check out his other stuff here


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