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Let’s Go Bucs!

Let’s Go Bucs!


Let’s play ball! It was a great day for a baseball game- party cloudy with a comfortable temperature in the lower 60’s. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. T likes to sweat a little while watching America’s favorite pastime but me, not so much… So this was perfect.  We hosted the Cincinnati Reds at 1:35 pm. Everywhere we looked, there were breathtaking sights of the skyline, rivers, and bridges. No wonder PNC Park is listed in the top 10 most beautiful ballparks. Personally, I believe we should be #1, or at least in the top 3. Definitely not #8 for cryin’ aht lahd!

Before the game started, T and I grabbed two brews from Beers of the Burgh on the first floor. It was awesome! It had several local drafts on tap (seasonal ones as well)  including Rivertowne, Penn, Church Brew Works, Yuengling, and Victory. That’s a pretty fine selection for a ball game if you ask me… We enjoyed the Rivertowne Lager and the Yuengling Oktoberfest. Both of them were very, very tasty.


This is the Rivertowne Lager. It is a well-balanced American Amber that is full of flavor but not too overwhelming. This is a great beer choice if you are planning on enjoying a couple during the game. If you plan on drinking like it’s your own sport that day, I’d stick with yer Arns n’at…… and a cab.

When it comes to sports fans, we may not have the most friendly fans to the fans of opposing teams. Actually, we may have one of the most, umm how do I put it… “intense” sports teams fans. But, if you are rooting for the ‘burgh, you are almost guaranteed to make friends with the people sitting around you. We sat next to a really great father/son duo from Hampton. They were doing it right- they had Pirate’s tickets for the afternoon and Steeler tickets for the night game. They shared stories about their travels to Europe which included several bier garten visits in Germany. It sounded heavenly. Maybe someday too, we can enjoy such an adventure.

The final score was Reds 11-3. Double Yoi! (imagine Myron Cope’s voice). However, it’s hard to come back from 5 run deficit in just the first inning. Anyhow, we parked relatively far away from the Park and knew there was little hope hailing a cab in this town. Luckily, there were about 20 Rickshaws parked outside of the stadium. We hopped on one of those bad boys and road off.


This cat had a speaker attached to his, so we were jamming out to Tupac’s song Changes. It was truly an unforgettable experience. A little hairy in some spots… this man was fearless, and so were the fans trying to find parking spaces. But we made it. And it was awesome.

Cheers N’at

The Art of Speaking Pittsburghese

Yin·zer  (noun) A Piksburgher who talks right, n’at. Most of you are familiar (or may be fluent in) the Piksburghese language. For those who aren’t as well versed, here is a crash course on what you may hear in Dahntahn Piksburgh.

 Arn-Iron. Yinz guys press your clothes with them or drink them. Or drink one while using one. That sounds kind of fun…

Blinkers-Turn signals. You won’t see many of these while driving in Pittsburgh. Pittsburghers like to keep you on your toes

BrightsHigh beams. You may see a lot of these in the back roads. If you squint real hard it lessens the assault on your eyes

BuggyShopping Carts

CaachCouch.  Something you sit on to watch dem Stillers

CelrCellar. The basement where you keep your worshing machine

Chipped Chopped HamThinly sliced ham. It makes for some de-lish sammitches!

ClickerRemote control. Complete mayhem breaks out if you lose it before a Stillers game. We usually find it under the pillas on the caach

Crick—Creek. Miniature versions of the Ohio River n’at

CubbordCupboard. Where you keep your pint glasses

Cucky—Something gross. My toddler hears this word a lot when he puts something gross in his mouth.

CutPiece of pizza. Mineo’s in Squirrel Hill makes an awesome one

DahntahnDowntown Pittsburgh

DahtletsThe Factory Outlet Stores in Grove City

DingyA small boat you may see floating down the Yahk

DoohickeyAn object that you can’t remember its’ proper name

Dust bunniesBalls of dust found under beds and sofas

GumbandRubber bands

Gutcheez—Underwear. “Yinzer laffin’ cause my gutcheez er showin”

Haf-AhrHalf an Hour. “Haf-Ahr til the game is on”

HankerinA strong desire or need. “I got a hankerin for a brew”

HoagieA long sammich

Hot Pad —Oven mitt

JagoffA huge jerk. If you are a skilled lip-reader you will see this word mouthed often during rush hour traffic.

JaggerbushA bush with jaggers (spiky thorns) or a bar in the Southside

JagwireJaguar. A nice car you hopefully won’t sideswipe while driving down Beaver Street in Sewickley


JumboBologna. Mystery meat…

Kennywood ArrowsYellow Arrows (road signs) that point you to Kennywood Park

Kranz —Crayons

Light BillElectric bill

MumMommy dearest

NebbySomeone who is nosey. Nebnose.

Parking ChairA chair placed in the street to save a parking space


Pittsburgh LeftWhen you floor it to make a left turn at an intersection and hope the driver who has the right of way respects that this is the law of the land


Red-Up—Clean up

Rush Ahr Rush Hour. The time when all the jagoffs drive

SammichSandwich. Often filled with Isaly’s chipped chopped ham


Tin foilAluminum foil

Worshin MacheenWashing Machine

YoudgeHuge. “That play was youdge!”

I had a lot of fun compiling this list. Now that you have a solid foundation, go out to a local bar and have at it. You will be shootin’ the breeze with a fellow yinzer in no time. The people of Pittsburgh should get an award for their creative contribution to the English language. I wonder if Merriam-Webster would sponsor it?

Cheers N’at