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All About Ales

ALL beer styles fall within two major categories- ales and lagers. Once you wrap your head around the notion that imperial stouts are considered ales, you’re in good shape. Ales have been documented for over 5,000 years now. Ales have yeast that ferments at the “top” of the fermentation vessel, and typically at higher temperatures than lager yeast. Depending on brewing style, ales can be enjoyed when they are young (couples weeks) or very old (couple of years). Here’s a run down on the ale styles and the mighty Pittsburgh breweries that showcase them!

Show Your Growler Some Love

Pittsburghers love their growlers. We’ve got East End slinging growlers left and right at their brewery and at the PGH Public Market. We’ve got Roundabout Brewery in Lawrenceville topping growlers with some of the tastiest, local beer. We have Sharp Edge providing growler service for their gazillion beers on tap (ask for Josh, he pours a mean one). Heck, we even have local grocery stores supplying growlers for us beer fanatics. Odds are if you like beer- you have definitely seen one, if not own a few…or ten. They are great because they allow us to take home the breweries”one-offs” that aren’t bottled or canned.  Turns out, growlers are not a recent invention to accommodate the exploding craft beer scene;  the concept of growlers started a loooong time ago. Way before prohibition, Americans would take their trusty, good ol’ buckets to the local pub and fill it up with beer and haul it back home. Fortunately, our buckets have eveloved into highly reliable beer transporters when used properly. Here’s how to take care of yours….Click Continue Reading for Full Post