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Beer Caramel Apples

Autumn is the best time to indulge one’s sweet tooth. When I think about fall time treats, I immediately think caramel apples. In late September, the highly anticipated honey crisp apples reach their peak harvest dates. These apples are legendary for their crispy, sweet, and tart characteristics which makes them the perfect candidates for caramel apples. They are so delicious, not just any ol’ caramel sauce will do. We’ve cooked with beer long enough to know that it would go wonderfully in a decadent caramel coating. The beer adds a beautiful depth of flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness of the caramel…Click Continue for Full Post

Pumking Ale Monkey Bread

Pumking Ale is one of our all time favorite autumn brews. It’s like drinking the most delicious boozy pumpkin pie ever known to man. Although it is not from a Pittsburgh brewery, it still feels very homey to us. For the past couple of years, we have gone up to Lake Chautauqua to relax and spend quality time with our family and friends. It just so happens that Southern Tier Brewing Co. is a quick trip up the road. Our summers would not be complete without a visit to their stunning brewery. As a big bonus, STBC releases their Pumking Ale early so we are able to drink it fresh from the source. To pay homage to one of our favorite breweries outside the ‘burgh, we created a decadent pastry- Pumking Ale Monkey Bread smothered in Pumking Ale Caramel Sauce. Not familiar with monkey bread? It’s like a giant cinnamon roll and you tear off each little cinnamon sugar bread bubble, kind of like how monkeys pick at their food. Just like Pumking Ale has bewitched our tastebuds, this recipe too will have you completely spellbound….Click Continue for Full Post

Beer Me for Breakfast

Pre 1800’s, beer was the breakfast of champions. Say what?! Yes friends, in those days the water was far too contaminated. Plus, tea and coffee were not widely available. So our great ancestors broke their fast by knocking back a few brews with all of those delicious carbs to help them get through their long work days. Today, I’m going out on a limb here and guessing your employer may frown upon the idea of having a beer for breakfast since we have things like filtered water and Crazy Mocha. But…with this beer pancake recipe, you can live like it’s the good ol’ days and incorporate a fine brew into your breakfast once again! The moment we tried Hitchhiker’s Tumbleweed Oatmeal Brown, we knew it was going to taste outstanding nestled inside warm, fluffy pancakes. However, these weren’t going to be just any ol’ pancakes, we topped them with a decadent oatmeal crumble that is downright addicting. Enjoy beering your breakfast….Click Continue for Full Post

PGH Pub Pops

On July 4th 1776, America declared its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1992, Fat Head’s declared its independence from lame, tasteless beer when it opened shop in Pittsburgh’s notorious South Side. Since then, our thirsts remain quenched thanks to Fat Head’s creative (and award-winning) brews. As we started getting ready for this summer’s 4th of July celebration, we reminisced about all the barbecued meats, fresh fruit, stocked beer coolers, and popsicles that we indulge in each year. And BOOM- the idea hit us, like fireworks over the Ohio!…Click Continue for Full Post

Bam! Beer Basil Chicken

Hop Heads and Hot Heads unite with this dish! It’s light, spicy, and wildly complex. It can be served solo as an appetizer or can be paired with rice and veggies for an exotic summer cuisine. The beer marinade gives this dish an incredibly rich dimension of flavor and also keeps the chicken nice and juicy. Once you taste this, you’ll think twice about paying for that thai food takeout….Click Continue Reading for Full Post


Commonwealth Press and Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week seem to go together like Pittsburgh and Pierogies. Ironically enough, Commonwealth Press consistently throws some of the most enjoyable and sought after events during this weeklong local beer festival. Kicker is- they aren’t even a brewery! Commonwealth Press is a custom screen printing business, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s South Side. Notice the ingenious Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW) logo? That’s all Commonwealth Press doings.

Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride 2014

Every year, East End Brewing Company (EEBC) throws a rather unique event- a Keg Ride. Since the brewery’s opening in 2004, they have been passionate about being an environmentally sustainable brewery. EEBC truly cares about our city and keeping it a beautiful place to live. A fun way to spread the news about how they operate as a near-zero waste brewery is by delivering the first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season by…..bicycle. Participants do not know where they are heading, but they are guaranteed some great sights and a cold beer at the end of the journey. …Click Continue for Full Post

Sweet Auntie Anne Goes Eurotrash

Most of us have indulged in those decadent little cinnamon and sugar bombs from Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. It’s hard to go to the mall and not give into the temptation of buying  one…or four. It lures in the unsuspecting mall patrons with its hypnotic aroma- anyone and everyone in the vicinity is completely doomed for. We feel that way about Southern Tier too. Every time we come across one of their beers, we must try it. Consistently, they have brewed some of the most flavorful and delicious beers on the market today. We stumbled across their Eurotrash Pilz a couple of weeks ago, and knew that it had to be our next project. I mean, how could we pass up a beer with a name like that? Once we took a sip, it turned out to be everything we hoped to find in a great pilsner. It is so drinkable and balanced, it would be a complete disservice to beer cooks everywhere not to showcase it in a dish. We knew the marriage between a copycat recipe of an Amish lady’s pretzels and Eurotrash Pilz would be beyond epic. And it so was…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Choklat Dipping Sauce


  • 3 TBSP butter
  • ½ cup Choklat Stout from Southern Tier
  • 2 TBSP corn syrup
  • 2 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. Combine butter, Choklat stout and corn syrup in a sauce pan. Cook over medium high heat until butter has melted and the mixture has just started to boil
  2. Turn off heat and stir in softened cream cheese and chocolate chips until completely melted. Allow to cool slightly before using

Dip your Eurotrash pretzels in this awesome sauce or use it as a topping for your favorite ice cream. Or just eat it by itself- no one’s judging over here!

Cheers N’at