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Full Pint Brewing Co.

Full Pint Brewing Co. is an extraordinary Micro Brewery located in North Versailles, about 12 miles outside the city. It opened its doors in 2009, and never looked back. As you pull in for the first time, you may not recognize it right away (or completely miss it). But when you do find it, it’s worth all the confusion. The brewery is housed in what looks like a former car repair garage. There’s a certain charm to the brewery, something that’s hard to put into words. But the first words that come to mind are- welcoming, authentic, and honest. It’s a place where really innovative and tasty beers are created. It’s a gathering place to drink those really great beers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cast Iron Stout Brownies

Growing up, we had an unforgettable sign hanging in the kitchen- “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”. With this featured dessert, you may find this suggestion a little hard to resist. We developed a cast iron stout brownie that is sure to please anyone and everyone who has the blessed opportunity to try it. We were inspired by all of those tasty Guiness Brownies that we indulge in every St. Patrick’s Day. They are super good, but it is time for a remix. This year, we highlighted one of our absolute favorite stouts- Secret Stache Stout by Finch’s Beer Co. Their Secret Stache Stout is loaded with chocolate malts-which makes it a perfect complement for all that rich, chocolaty brownie goodness. The best thing- serve it warm, right out of your cast iron skillet for a fudgy, gooey, and completely satisfying dessert. And guess what, these stout brownies pair perfectly with the rest of your Secret Stache Stout. Whether you are starting or ending your meal with this, you’ll be one happy camper. “Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer and another one!”- Irish Toast…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Pittsburgh Cubano: A Sammich Powerful Enough to Mend 54 Years

In light of the discussion of America and Cuba reexamining their relationship, we decided to speed up the process and share our Pittsburgh Cubano Sammich– a sammich sure to spark resolution once eaten. This sammich highlights the best from both countries-Full Pint Beer and the delectable Cubano Sandwich. The marriage of the two will make all of us forget why we were feuding in the first place. Wishful thinking, I know. But it isn’t that far off base- many epic tiffs have been resolved over some great food and beer. With this sammich, it’s both food and beer! It’s made with four different Full Pint Beers: Little Brown Ale Mustard, Spicy Hobnobber Pickles, 3-2-1 Win Buns, and Mojo Pork Tenderloin with Paw Paw Berliner Weisse. One bite may help each side remember how prolific (and delicious) our unification could be…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Mojo Pork Tenderloin with Berliner Weisse Beer

Traditional Cuban sammiches are served with a pork cooked in a Mojo sauce; the signature marinade of Cuba. Typically, it consists of garlic, citrus, and spices. Authentic Mojo recipes call for the use of sour orange juice. Hmm, as appetizing as that sounds, we are skipping out on the sour o.j and going with one of our favorite sour beers-Full Pint’s Paw Paw Berliner Weisse. A Berliner Weisse is a sour, wheat beer of around 3-4% ABV. We couldn’t wait to incorporate this beer into a recipe. Ironically enough, we were at Full Pint Brewery interviewing one of the brewers while they were tasting the Paw Paw Berliner Weisse wort to see if it reached the proper sour profile. We watched them make the executive decision to go on with the next brewing step. We are so glad they did, the beer is perfectly sour in all the right ways. Just the right brew to sip on and incorporate into this fine Cubano dish…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Spicy Beer Pickles

When we think about Cuban food, rich flavors and spices comes to mind. During recipe development, it seemed only natural to combine Pittsburgh’s beloved pickle with some Cuban heat. This isn’t the first time Pittsburgh and Cuba have been unified, however. Pittsburgh and Matanzas (Cuba) are Sister Cities!  A Sister City is formed to foster friendships and understanding between the two cultures and promote peace, acceptance, and reconciliation. Matanzas is also known as the “City of Bridges” with 17 bridges that cross over 3 rivers- Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canimar. Sounds a whole lot like home, but 1,204 miles away. Interesting, eh? Well, Pittsburgh is lucky that Full Pint Brewery has an excellent IPA that just so happens to lend itself well to spicy foods. Please enjoy our interpretation of Pittsburgh Pickles, Cuba, and Beer with our Spicy Hobnobber Pickles…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Brown Ale Mustard

Mustard. A superb condiment for those classic foods that pair all too perfectly with good brews like brats, pretzels, and good ol’ deli sammiches. Since mustard and beer go together like rush ahr and jagoffs, we figured why not put them together for an outstanding condiment experience. Plus, mustard seeds are notoriously hard to grind if they aren’t soaked. Well we couldn’t think of anything better to soak these little buggers in than one of our favorite beers from Full Pint Brewery. Their Little Brown Ale perfectly complements the spiciness and sweetness of this homemade mustard. Plus, you’ll be doing a good deed for the day- when you buy Little Brown Ale, some proceeds go to bat conservation groups. So go fourth and make some awesome mustard! Your friends and family (and the bats) will be so pleased that you did…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Cuban Beer Bun Sliders

Cuban bread is sweet, hardy, and hard to come by in Pittsburgh. So we thought- why not make our own….with beer. Traditional Cuban bread comes in the form of a large loaf. But we want to shake things up around here and make a Cuban Slider. Full Pint Brewery has an awesome Pilsner called 3-2-1 Win! that works perfectly in these tasty little buns…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Beeramisu from the East End to You

We like our coffee strong and beer interesting. Luckily for us Pittsburghers, the East End Brewery did an exceptional job combining these two with their Eye Opener Coffee Porter. Another one of our favorite guilty pleasures: desserts. Not just any dessert- the kind that picks you up and places you on cloud nine dessert. It just so happens that tiramisu means “lift me up” in Italian. Perfetto! What a great vessel for all of our favorite things. I bet the Nonnas in Bloomfield would approve. Buon appetito! …Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Slovak Culture in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is no stranger to being number one- first in super bowl wins, rated “America’s Smartest City”, #1 Ballpark, and here’s a shocker-number one for most bars per capita in the nation. But did you know that our beloved ‘Burgh is the number one city in the world for people of Slovak heritage (outside of Slovakia itself)? Now why is that? Let’s shed some light on the relationship between Pittsburgh and its Slovak culture…Click Continue Reading for Full Post

Poutine Pitts-Burgher

Pittsburghers are fluent in French……frying their sammitches. Well, we thought since burgers and fries are a classic combo- why not yinzerfy it and combine them. No better way to combine these elements by going north of the border and making our own version of French fries and gravy- known as Poutine. We couldn’t just stop there- we had to infuse great local brews into it to take it to the next level. In this recipe, you will find Church Brew Works’ Celestial Gold hamburger buns, Full Pint’s All In Amber gravy, and Penn Brewery’s Allegheny Pale Ale French fries. After eating one of these big boys, you will never crave a regular burger again. We will first start with these Celestial Gold Burger buns, hearty enough to hold all that beefy goodness… Click Continue Reading on Right for Full Post