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Stocking Your Home Bar

To say Pittsburgh is a proud city is…well…quite the understatement. We’re proud of EVERYTHING from our sports teams, to our bridges, to even our fry-forward sandwiches and salads. And it looks like we have something to add to our sizable brag list, our local distilleries. A few months ago, they killed it at the American Craft Spirits Awards, with Pittsburgh being the most awarded of any city in craft distilling. To put things into perspective, Wigle Whiskey alone brought home 16 medals from this past competition. Whoa.

Speaking of proud, we’re proud to say that we are now owners of a swanky new home bar, the Booze Tube. So our next step is to fill ‘er up! Since Pittsburgh is bursting at the seams with award-winning spirits, we decided to focus our efforts solely on Pittsburgh area products. After some serious boozy research (woe-is-me, right?), we are finally ready to unveil our latest post… “How To Stock a Proper Pittsburgh Home Bar for Your Next Cocktail Party”

Boob Tube to Booze Tube

Ahh, the television set. Remember those sturdy, handsome wooden boxes that provided hours upon hours of mindless entertainment? Chances are if you are reading this, you’re old enough to recall these classic household gems. I’ll never forget ours with those clunky turn dials. Fortunately, these hardy home fixtures seem to be making a major comeback. Why you ask? Because everything old is new again, thanks to Pinterest.

Pumpkin Ale Mini Muffins with Bourbon Cream Cheese Icing

Either you love pumpkin spiced beers or you hate them. There’s little room for indifference. And people are adamant about letting you know which side they fall on. Wars have been waged on all social media fronts (which are incredibly entertaining, I must say) about why this is either the best beer style known to man or the worst, most horrific thing to happen to the craft beer world.

Straight Whiskey

#FlashBackFridays are the best kind of Fridays. They allow us to look back fondly on some of our favorite memories from the good ol’ days. We all love to get nostalgic about our childhood, old friends, and popular culture trends that are long gone. We especially like to draw attention to our parents’ horrific questionable fashion choices for us during our most innocent and impressionable years. But hey, it’s these little snippets of time that ultimately help shape the people we are today.